Tourist Route of Tuzla Attractions

Tourist Route of Tuzla Attractions

Tourist Route of Tuzla Attractions

Admir Ahmetbašić 3 Comments Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Rooms and apartment GH Pasha *** are located in a great location in the city of Tuzla, especially if you visit this city for the first time in the warmer periods of the year, away from city noise and heat, but only a 25 minute walk to the city center.

The history and culture of living in Tuzla date back to the Neolithic era (where pottery and other remains were found) and is one of the oldest settlements in the Balkans and Europe with continuity of life. Throughout the Roman era, the Bosnian kingdoms, all through the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian rule as well as the period of the Second World War, but also the latest history and aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina, give a small stamp to the history and culture of Tuzla.

If you want to explore Tuzla, we advise you to take an easy walk through Tuzla to the next location below which you have links;

  1. SODASO Holding Building
  2. Gate of Behram-beg Madrasa (1626)
  3. Colorful mosque
  4. FREEDOM Square (Trg SLOBODE)
  5. Bazaar fountain and mosque (Čaršijska česma)
  6. Square of Salt
  7. Kapija 1995
  8. City park
  9. Orthodox Church
  10. Gazi Turali-beg's waqf
  11. Park Banja

SODASO Holding Building

The SODASO Holding building is one of the largest state corporations in the former Yugoslavia, comprising several successful companies in the Tuzla industrial basin. Some of these companies still operate today, such as;

It all started with the production of salt and was created as a result of salt wells and saltwater. The salt factory or as the people of Tuzla call it, Solana, is the factory on which the cellophane system was based. In addition, Dita Tuzla produces one of the highest quality detergents in the former Yugoslavia, as a symbol of the dishwashing symbol of the time, 3D is legal in Tuzla. HAK was a company that produces chemical elements that are rare in the world. It also represents the fact (how dangerous it is) that it should be built by the Japanese, they emphasized that it is very dangerous near the capital of the former Yugoslavia, Belgrade (255km), but it also saved Tuzla in the last war because it was a threat to us. so too for the enemy.


In 2014, the most massive protests took place in BiH, where they were expanded right in front of the SODASO Holding building (because it was the seat of the Tuzla Canton government), where it was set on fire. Today, it stands as a symbol of the financial power it had in the Tuzla region, as well as the weakness of today's system to maintain social peace, and not to attach itself to the relaunch of this giant.

Location of rooms and apartments "Guest House Pasha" - click here (12 min on foot)

Gate of Behram-beg Madrasa

Behram-beg's madrasa is the legacy (waqf) of Behram-beg, which began its work in 1626. It is one of the oldest educational institutions in the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also in the Balkans. It was built in the Arab-Moorish style and a large number of educated and famous people attended this school.

Of the 393 years of his work and existence, he did not work for only 44 years due to the coming to power of the Communists, as well as the same damage to the buildings due to the following of the ground. Today only the entrance of the old madrasa remains while the new madrasa building is only 2 minutes away from GH Pasha *** and we advise all guests who are of Islamic faith and railways to perform some of the prayers, to visit the madrasa mosque which is part of the all-time madrasa complex.

 Madrasas Entrance

If you have visited the gates of the old madrasa, we also advise you to visit the Museum of Eastern Bosnia, which is nearby.

Location of rooms and apartments "Guest House Pasha" - click here (20 min on foot)

Atik Begram-beg's "Colorful" mosque

Atik Behram-beg or as Tuzla people call it, the Colorful Mosque, is one of the oldest mosques in Tuzla and represents, together with the old madrasa, the traditional landscape of the city center for many years.

It represents the waqf of Behram-beg, for which the Islamic Community of Tuzla is sent today. The architecture of the mosque itself should be divided into two appearances, the original appearance of the mosque before the fire (1871) which was built of clay and a wooden minaret (dome), and today's appearance which after its renovation is an interesting combination of west and east.


If you visit it, you have an oriental interior and exterior while the minaret has a gothic style in it.

A beautiful approach from the square and the park covered with a refrigerator, reveals the purity of Islamic beliefs, culture, and traditions of Tuzla. There is a fountain in the park itself, and preparation for prayer (abdesthana- the place for taking religious cleaning) is planned, but also for all passers-by who need water.

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Square of Freedom / "Baroque" Building / City Tap / City Market

After the "Colorful Mosque", you will enter the city center. As you pass through the city street, you will go out on the big Freedom Square, but before that, stop by for ice cream or cake at the Confectionery Europe.

The square will offer you a beautiful "Baroque" building that was built during the Austro-Hungarian rule as a shopping center on the model of those that were built in Vienna at the time, but not just like that. It was deliberately built so that Tuzla, as the industrial center of Bosnia (salt production) could welcome the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand Solani. Unfortunately, he could not see her because he first visited Sarajevo and where he was assassinated, which was the trigger and the beginning of the First World War.

Square of Freedom

Trg Slobode by Ermin Selimovic

Trg Slobode will also offer you one of the best restaurants in Tuzla Wine & Stake MamaMia, but also a space if you are visiting Tuzla with your younger family members.

From the large square you will see another mosque with a fountain in front.

The Bazaar fountain (Čaršijska česma) has two meanings. The first meaning is traditional that as the only source of water in ancient times, the city center was the only place in the center where everyone who came to Tuzla, had the opportunity to water the animals meant as a means of transport but also for their owners. Its other meaning is a restaurant that will offer you almost all the traditional dishes of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Bazaar fountain by Ermin Selimović Photography

The city market or as everyone in BiH says, the market, is located behind the Baroque building and will offer you not only fruits, vegetables, but also some souvenirs, but there you will have the opportunity to get to know the real Tuzla and Tuzla people because we from GH Pasha *** team, wherever we go, we will go to the market and meet the real people of that city or place and their culture of living.

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Square of Salt

Square of Salt, if you came from the Square of Freedom and look at the "čaršijska" fountain, behind the mosque there is a small square with an unusual excavation, a pipe (brine source) which is from the Ottoman period and from which people took brine water in their small private shops traditionally produced salt.

On the Square of Salt, we must also point out a small open-air museum about that period of micro-production, the method of production, the costumes of people, and the like. Micro production (which took place in the center itself) was unsafe and caused large city fires. Tuzla in its history of 250 years ago, precisely because of salt, experienced several of the same fires and for that reason, there are not many historic buildings but which the arrival of Austro-Hungary solved a more modern way of salt production. Tuzla was also destroyed by the excessive exploitation of salt from the city center during Austro-Hungary, where most of the buildings collapsed and Tuzla was left without its potential historical heritage today.

And finally, as far as Square of Salt is concerned, we must mention that you have one of the most beautiful bars in Tuzla, Cafe Bar Sloboda, which brings together a young alternative to Tuzla and all who want a pleasant stay for afternoon coffee or one of the hip hop DJs from FM Jam Crew.


Location of Rooms and Apartments "Guest House Pasha" - click here (25 min on foot)

Kapija 1995

The Kapija 1995 is located in the very center of the city and represents the place where the youth of Tuzla died in the last war on May 25, 1995. This unpleasant event happened during the truce in the city center when the youth wanted to get out of hiding, in the basement, and like all normal youth, he socializes and meets sympathies. On May 25, pro-Serbian forces (it is absurd that this day was celebrated by the youth of the SFRY) killed 71 young people ... the lives of all ethnic groups because Tuzla was and remained multi-ethnic both in the war and after and did not allow ethnic division.


Location of Rooms and Apartments "Guest House Pasha" - click here (29 min on foot)

Tuzla City Park

After the Gate, we recommend the City Park, which is a green oasis in the city center. Here you can enjoy the greenery and visit the statue of the King of Bosnia, King Tvrtko I Kotromanić , in whose time the Kingdom of Bosnia was the largest and stands as proof of Bosnian stability despite all the deniers of today, and that it existed and was a state before its neighbors.


Also in the second part of the park is carved the charter of Kulina Ban, which guarantees all citizens of the Republic of Dubrovnik an unhindered economy and life in the entire Kingdom of Bosnia.

Whether you are traveling alone, in company or with your family, you will have a pleasant stay in the beautiful garden of the UrbanBeaTz café.


Urban BeaTZ

Location of Rooms and Apartments "Guest House Pasha" - click here (29 min on foot)

Orthodox Church

"The Church of the Assumption of the Most Holy Mother of God", or as the people of Tuzla call it, the Orthodox Church, is the church of the Diocese of Zvornik and Tuzla. It is located right next to the city park together with the bishop's court. It is a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1887. Together with the church, as a national monument, they also consist of a collection of 21 icons, the tomb of Christ, two thrones, and a great crucifix.


It was built for eight years under the expert supervision of military engineers of the Austro-Hungarian army and for which Emperor Francis Joseph I contributed 600 forints. It posed a construction challenge because the subsidence had already begun at that time and what in today’s meaning represents “Megastructure” because it was built on 200 pillars that went all the way to another, solid ground.

In the architectural sense, it represents the neoclassical style and belongs to the type of single-nave church with a narthex, altar space, nave, semicircular apse, windows set in a horizontal row, and a bell tower superimposed above the entrance to the church. The height of the top of the bell tower dome is approximately 34.50 m.

Location of Rooms and Apartments "Guest House Pasha" - click here (32 min on foot)

Gazi Turali-beg's waqf

Not much is known about Turali-beg, who was one of the high, and military officials in the Ottoman era, but he was important to Tuzla because he struck the stamp of, at that time, modern and urban Tuzla.

Vakufnama was legalized at the end of Ramadan Hijra. In 979 (around 15 February 1572), Gazi Turali-beg left the mosque, the "turbe" (place for voluntarily giving money) as well as the shops that were located behind the mosque, to maintain the mosque itself.

It is also a national monument of BiH and has retained its original shape since 1890. Although it survived fires during the Ottoman period, due to the small distance from the center where salt was produced, the basic shape and appearance were disrupted due to subsidence (Austro-Hungarian period), where the harem and mosque collapsed, to experience today's appearance and modernization. in the last 10 years or so.

In the modern shopping center are various companies and firms from which his endowment is sustainable.

Location of Rooms and Apartments "Guest House Pasha" - click here (32 min on foot)

Park Banja

Banja Park is important for several reasons for Tuzla and its cultural and historical significance of Tuzla.

For the last 100 years, Tuzla residents have been in the habit of briefly going to the nearest forest from the city noise and where they can walk and relax in the sound of birds and the forest of tree branches that surround it. Park Banja is also a training ground for all sports clubs from Tuzla, where fitness training and preparations for the upcoming competitions and successes take place.

Banja Park is a monument from World War II, from the aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina and the fighters who gave their lives to defend the city of Tuzla. The victims of the 1995 Gate were also buried. If you look closely at each of these monuments, you will notice that the names belonged to all religious and national affiliations, which are proof of multi-ethnicity and the recipe for which Tuzla fell to the occupiers and the defense. last war.


Within Banja Park, you have the opportunity to take your younger family members to the children's park, the opportunity to choose one of two restaurants, Restaurant Zlatnik and Restaurant Sesame on the tennis.

Location of Rooms and Apartments "Guest House Pasha" - click here (35 min on foot)


We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ermin Selimović for his understanding and permission to use his images.


GH Pasha***




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