Ice Creams & Cakes in Tuzla

Ice Creams & Cakes in Tuzla

Ice Creams & Cakes in Tuzla

Admir Ahmetbasic 0 Comments Saturday, September 01, 2018

During the summer or any part of the year, those who love sweet GH Pasha*** suggest checking out one of the cake shops in Tuzla, and to make a route, and by the way, find out the other historical and cultural attractions in the city.

We are sure you will LIKE IT!!!

Cake & Pastry Shop RUŠIDOVIĆ 1922

Cake & Pastry Shop Rušidović is a place with perhaps the most respectable tradition of cakes and pastries, which in its time was the place where young people were going out and when there were no cafes or discotheques. The family business that survived despite two wars ... from the GH Pasha *** team is wondering how much sugar and flour are consumed and how much fruit is used in various variations of cakes, cakes, and ice cream.

We think that the respected owners are often asked...


Cake Shop Iljazovic is also another old and cult cake & pastry shop in Tuzla, which is located in the center of the core city, and which still has a lot of guests who visited it at that time ... just now they come with their children, grandchildren, and grand grandchildren.

As we are great fans of # BOZA (traditionally a non-alcoholic beverage, made from corn and sugar), we must not leave out this beverage because it is really worth trying.

  • Phone - +387 35 257-388
  • Location - here

Pastry Shop SARAJKA

Pastry & Cake Shop SARAJKA is one of the favorite pastry shops in the city and when we are in the upper part of the city, we must stop by and try Šampita & Krempita ... because we are a couple who likes trying a little bit of each cake.

And not only are these two cakes good, but they also have very good fruit cakes for those who like to lose weight, and on the other hand, you hear ... give me this because it is light one!!!

Patisserie & Cake Shop "EVROPA"

Patisserie & Cake Shop "EVROPA" at first glance is just another small and central pastry shop for central ice cream and cakes ... but it is not.

During the summer, this little shop sells tons of ice cream in different types of flavors.

 One portion or ball costs 0.5 € or 1 KM.

 "50 years of tradition"

Pastry & Cake Shop LOKUM

"Baklava with pistachios and PREMIUM cakes"

Lokum is one of the newest hits in Tuzla. The majority of Tuzla citizens went to another town for pistachio Baklava, because it was the only place in Živinice, the town next.

Today in Tuzla you have a large selection of Baklavas and traditional cakes typical for Bosnia but most for Turkey. Their PREMIUM cakes ... we tried several types because we would not be us.. and they were very tasty .. although while we were researching for reviews on the internet... we think they are not in right when they claim they are impersonal.

If you need any help in Tuzla but also if you are looking for a hotel, hostel, or any other kind of accommodations in this nice city, let us make you "Feel like at Home".

GH Pasha***



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