Souvenirs & Presents in Tuzla

Souvenirs & Presents in Tuzla

Souvenirs & Presents in Tuzla

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At the request of several guests who have stayed with us, we would like to present the right places for original and unique souvenirs and gifts to take from Tuzla.


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Souvenirs in copper

Eurofer produces souvenirs and motifs made with the relief technique in copper and is a combination of several techniques, such as forging, stamping, and carving of copper. In addition to Bosnia and Herzegovina, this type of art can be seen today in Germany and Turkey, where artisans pass on their art from generation to generation. Also within the family that runs the Eurofer company, it is passed down from generation to generation.


Souvenirs are presented only with motifs of Tuzla;

  • Fountain with Mosque
  • Statue Bridge
  • Portal of the old madrasa
  • Skin
  • Salt wells
  • The gates of Bosnia
  • Ibrik and Leđen
  • Stećci - Radmila, Zgošća
  • Hanuma - the motif of a traditional woman

You can see the motifs of Sarajevo, Mostar, Srebrenik, Gradačac, Bihać, Zenica, Tešanj, Travnik and the like by clicking here.

BOSFAM handicrafts

BOSFAM was founded in 1994, during the war, with a mission to help women who fled eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina. Great love, especially for helping endangered cases, gave birth to the cooperation with the "Advocacy Project" from Washington / District of Columbia, with which she has a completely new cooperation today, and that is the economic independence of women who survived the war and lost their male members.


Today, their products are represented in Western Europe as well as in America, and they are carpets, clothing, decorations, and souvenirs. If you visit BOSFAM in Tuzla, you will have the opportunity to see what they sell and they will introduce you to how to make handmade rugs.


You can buy the same products online, but also in stores in Tuzla and Sarajevo. It is also very important to point out that with the money with which you bought the product, you are helping a mother to provide her children with a better life tomorrow.

For other information, we advise you our articles on transport to and from Tuzla where you can get all the information on buses and taxi transport.

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