Cafe Sloboda Tuzla

Cafe Sloboda Tuzla

Cafe Sloboda Tuzla

Admir Ahmetbašić 0 Comments Tuesday, December 05, 2017

The place in Tuzla that breaks the borders in making every time better EVENTS in Tuzla, is Cafe Sloboda.


Cafe Sloboda is every time alive bar in Tuzla and especially during warmer days in the year. For those who visit Tuzla for the first time in their traveling journey, we kindly advise you to visit this bar.

"Sloboda" which means FREEDOM offers you this, to feel free to be what you want. The second thing is offered in different types of drinks. Every year they improve offers and check the market taste of freedom.

There are also parties organized in association with FM JAM Records with their DJs and singers. Together they also produce new culture in Tuzla, they make Tuzla recognizable on the Balkan stage of HIP HOP music ... and you will recognize it in Cafe Sloboda.

Block Sunday

Block Sunday in Tuzla is one of the EVENTS that are taken for granted. That is as well our event to which we like to go every weekend as GH Pasha***. We talk about Cafe Sloboda but this time we talk about a FREE grill party.

Yes, you heard it well. Free grill offered to all guests and good music selected by FM JAM.

Contacts and directions

GH Pasha***



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