Pubs in Tuzla

Pubs in Tuzla

Pubs in Tuzla

Admir Ahmetbasic 0 Comments Monday, September 17, 2018

"There are plenty of choices for pub lovers and also for beers, lite foods, good music and parties. Those who come to Tuzla and would like to watch football and basketball games will have nice chill out and great spended time in Tuzla."


The list of pubs above this is not final and our team will try to update it on final number as well for any other changes.

Old Story Pub

"Real Balkan Atmosphere"

This is just what you need if you would like to meet "raja" from Tuzla, Balkan style and music.

We will say also like on TV Shop "But it is not only what you will get, you will also get real good time with good food menu and big kinds of drinks". :D

Old Story Pub

Pub and pizzeria Old Story in its unique and cozy ambience provide you with great entertainment with live music and a wide choice of meals and drinks.


Only tip is to make reservation, especially if you would like to visit it during weekend night because it will be full.


 Old story pub

Park Pub

"The biggest choice of beers in Tuzla"

Park Pub is placed in the city core with beautifull location oriented on walking street and City Park.

Beer lovers will find beers from Budweiser, Erdinger, Guinness and offcourse Tuzlanski Pilsner.

Also you will have a chance to try CRAFT BEER made by Park Pub.

Park Pub

This is one of the Pubs that make live music, whatching football or basketball games.

Beautifull girls and nice guys... it depend what you preffer are like a flowers, beers are like a water and good atmospeher is sun that make this park SHINE.

Our advise is to try Tuzlanski Pilsner with Czech recipe.


"Good taste, fun and relaxation"

Nardi is a combination of good taste, fun, and relaxation, featuring the best bands from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. Through of our taking others reviews, we discovered that staff are great, portions are big and great live music.

Reviews by others is not to sit on the first floor above the speakers.

St. James's Irish Pub

"With the longest tradition of all pubs in Tuzla"

The adventages of being very popular pub is always crowded but on another hand, it is a small disadventage that it is sometimes sooo crowded. Offering many kinds of beers and serving lite foods that go with beer.


"Orginal Tuzlanski Pilsner Pub that offer all kinds of Beers form Tuzla"

Pivnica TAVERNA is a cult place for many generation and placed in factory of beer in Tuzla, Tuzlanski Pilsner, you will be able to try all of their beers.

Snooker, Pool & Darts Club CLICK Tuzla

"Snooker, Pool & Darts, Beer..."

This is one of bars that offer maximum pleasure for those who love playing snooker or pool and hanging out with the friends by drinking beer or any other kind of drinks.. because just with friends it does not metter where you are.


If you need any help in Tuzla but also if you are looking for hotel, hostel or any other kind accomodations in this nice city, let us to make you "Feel like Home".

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