Museums & Galleries in Tuzla

Museums & Galleries in Tuzla

Museums & Galleries in Tuzla

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In this post, you will have the opportunity to find out more about museums and galleries in Tuzla

  • Museum of Eastern Bosnia
  • Museum of Salt
  • International Portraits Gallery of Tuzla
  • Atelier "Ismet Mujezinović"
  • Gallery "Kristijan Kreković"
  • GM Gallery
  • Gallery OBLIK
  • COFI Gallery

Museum of Eastern Bosnia

The Museum of Eastern Bosnia in Tuzla exists since the Second World War (1947) when there was a need to mark the period of the National Liberation War. With the appearance of the need for other sections, within the museum opened the following;

  • Archaeological Department
  • HistorIcal department
  • Department of Ethnology
  • Art department
  • Natural History Department – ​​Biological Collection

Although the museum does not currently have a building that will adequately present the treasure of the "Regional Museum" as it was called during its existence, it is still worth visiting for the things that are in it.

Museum of Salt

The production of salt in Tuzla continues from the neolithic to the present time. Archaeological material, fragments of ceramic vessels, found in the city of Tuzla around today's Colorful mosque and scaffold, testify to the existence of the Neolithic settlement. There is no material evidence from the Roman era, however, the meaning of the name of this city is related to the note by Constantine Porphyrogenitus, who in the "De administrando imperio" refers to Tuzla as a "populated city" and calls it "Salenes".

The evidence of the existence of salt wells from the Ottoman period is now visible through the Salt Well located on Salt Square (Solni Trg) in Tuzla. During the Ottoman period factory of salt (Solana) was a simple structure made of wood with a one-room space of approx. 4.5 x 4.5 m in total. In this time Tuzla Old Town was in the same time factory and center of Tuzla and during this simple production, there were a lot of city fires in which historical buildings from this period were burnt and exist no more. 

During the Austro-Hungarian rule, a factory was opened in Simin Han with two salt wells in Upper Tuzla. Solana was commissioned on March 25, 1885. In the first year of operation, about 1858 tons of salt were produced.

On the eve of the Second World War, Tuzla saltpans with plants in Simin Han and Kreka had a total of 13 production boxes with an expansion plan and increase in production capacities. After the end of the Second World War, Solana continued to work in an attempt to restore the destroyed production capacities. At the beginning of the fifties, the construction of new pans for the salting of saltwater began. In 1952 three new production facilities were built and put into operation.

You can see the decision to proclaim salt production in Tuzla as a national monument here.

International Portraits Gallery of Tuzla

The International Portraits Gallery of Tuzla was founded in 1964 with the donation of artists from the territory of the former Yugoslavia. The founders of the Gallery were Mevludin Ekmečić and Ismet Mujezinović, and it was founded as a gallery of the Yugoslav portrait of Tuzla. The Gallery has over 5,000 works of the most famous painters from the ex-Yugoslavian area, and thus represents a kind of museum of paintings.

Collections include:

  • A collection of contemporary portraits
  • Ismet Mujezinović s collection
  • Legat James (Haim) Pinto
  • Collection by Adela Behr Vukić
  • General collection
  • Tito's collection in works of fine arts
  • Collection Vladimir Pintarić
  • International collection of portraits (INTERBIFEP)

Atelier "Ismet Mujezinović"

Ismet Mujezinović's studio is the birthplace and workshop of this famous artist and painter who has contributed a lot to the development of the cultural, artistic, and creative life of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Balkans.

The studio is located in the city center and represents a place where artists from all over Europe and the world come to the invitation and during the six months of their stay, create works and real exhibitions of works made during their stay in Tuzla. There are also concerts, exhibitions, and book promotions that enrich the cultural life of Tuzla.

Gallery "Kristijan Kreković"

Kristijan Kreković Gallery was named after a renowned artist from Bosnia (1901), and was opened in the Franciscan Monastery of St. Peter and Paul in Tuzla. Although he originated from Lika, he spent his childhood in Maglaj and Tuzla. He studied in Vienna and Paris, and in 1928 he became a member of the French Society of Artists. In the same year, he was awarded a gold medal in Bordeaux for the work "Parisian Lady with a Dog". He worked on portraits of famous statesmen and people, but we need to mention the name Mahatma Gandhi who was his friend.

Today at the gallery there are exhibitions from art colonies in Breske, which are gathered by famous and unknown painters and sculptors from BiH and wider. In addition to the exhibition, there are also dramatic and scenic performances and book promotions.

GM Gallery

Gallery GM is the first private collection of Enver Mandzic with thousands of miniatures of over 300 artists from all over the world, the largest collection of weights, irons, typewriters, film cameras, and cameras, and a library of fine arts.

In addition to the collection, at the GM Gallery, you will have the opportunity to see the current settings of painters, miniatures, and artwork, but you will be able to drink coffee in a cafe that is part of the gallery and enjoy the sculptures of Radoslav Tadic located around the gallery.

Although it is the youngest gallery in Tuzla, there is an interesting fact about the gallery; It was opened on November 11th, 2011 at exactly 11:11, as a protest against the relation of the Bosnian government toward culture and art in general.

Gallery OBLIK

Gallery OBLIK deals with the sale of artwork based in Tuzla. Whether their creators are from Tuzla or they were born in Tuzla, however, it is a rich offer of paintings and miniatures made in the traditional and modern style of painting.

In addition to the sale and "service" of the art, somehow boyish shamelessness and defiance, surprise everyone who follows the work of the gallery. The OBLIK Gallery 2004 organizes the "MODRAC Artistic Colony", enriching the cultural and artistic life of Tuzla.

Since its inception (1996), the gallery has been running a nomadic way of life, changing the location of Tuzla, where it eventually settled in the City Centre of Tuzla, but this time as "Oblik" with musical, painting, and other cultural activities and courses.

COFI Gallery

The COFI Gallery is a gallery for the exclusive sale of artist Avdo Kalesić's paintings showing his love for his city Tuzla. Old buildings, old motives, and neighborhoods (Mahale) that are no longer present, Avdo Kalesić managed to save on the canvas.

Considering that it is located in the center of the city, the gallery exudes old Tuzla and the motives of old Tuzla.

Worth to visit !!!

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