Restaurants in Tuzla

Restaurants in Tuzla

Restaurants in Tuzla

Admir Ahmetbasic 0 Comments Saturday, December 16, 2017
There are a lot of restaurants in Tuzla but as we can not make full review of them, we have decided to take you on those the best of them. Off course they are taken by couple of categories; traditional food, domestic dishes and drinks made in BiH.
Also you will have their locations inserted as well image of description and their web sites.

MamaMia Origins Steak & Wine Restaurant

MamaMia is chain of restaurants in Tuzla and cities around. MamaMia Origins Steak & Wine Restaurant is PREMIUM restaurant, placed on the big square SLOBODA, across Barok Building (big fountaine). Up to opinion of GH Pasha***, it is the restaurant with highes standards and good MENUE.

MamaMia Origins Stake & Wine

Restoran Zlatnik

Restoran Zlatnik is one of high standard restaurants placed in Banja Park, srounded by old oak trees. Traditional, Balkan and European meals can be founded with great wine card and delicieous cakes.


Čaršijska česma

"Čaršijska česma" Restaurant is strickt traditional food restaurant like mučkalica, bosanski lonac, dagarica, špricer etc.. 

If you are in the old town, next to core center... you will feel the real history taste of Old Tuzla.

"Traditional food and delicates"

Čevabđinica Limenka

"Čevabđinica Limenka" is strict restaurant for Čevapi, the kind of meet like and Turkish Kebap but has experienced way of choosing part of meet that will be mixed and shaped into Čevap. Limenka is also one of the visited čevabđinica in Tuzla by domestic and visitors from other part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"The famous čevapi in Tuzla"

Sezam Centar

Sezam is one of the budget chains of the restaurants in Tuzla. One of them is in core Centre of Tuzla and you can try good grill meals.

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