Konjuh Mountain

Konjuh Mountain

Konjuh Mountain

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On 55 km South-West from Tuzla, you have an great opportunity especially during spring and summer time, to be in great #Nature of Konjuh Mountain.

With beautiful nature, clean air and great opportunities in #hiking, #biking #mtb, #familytours, #hotel, #restaurants, #picnic, you will all have in taking a tour to Konjuh Mountain.

GH Pasha*** offer free informations about aranging routes for those who wants to visit it on his own deal, but also we can help in #transport, #mtbtours, #hikingtours, #tourguide and other part of organisation of Konjuh visiting.

Zlaća Resort

Zlaća Resort is under Konjuh Mountain and you can come if you go from Tuzla, over Živinice to Banovići. Zlaća Resort has a lot of space for hiking, biking, making picnic, football, basketball and other fields and off course Hotel Zlaća with great food and good accommodated rooms.


Hotel Zlaća***

Capacity of Hotel Zlaća is 29 rooms and 60 beds. Situated close to river Oskova gives nice overview from hotel. 


  • Restaurant
  • Parking place
  • Rooms with balcony
  • Rooms with telephonr
  • Wi Fi
  • Aircondition
  • Cable TV



  • One bed /night 45 KM
  • Two beds/night 70 KM

Contact informations

  • Branilaca Banovića, Banovići
  • 035-875-579;880-600

Ethno village MAČKOVAC

When you enter in the Ethno Hall, you will have the feeling that you have returned for at least a hundred years back. In typical Bosnian surroundings, you will see old Bosnian houses of Šeperuše, waterfalls, workshops and other accompanying objects just as they once looked long ago.

Several thousand authentic old items that were used in the Bosnian household are also contributing to this atmosphere. Here you can taste traditional Bosnian dishes directly from the open fire and drink coffee in the antique tavern, and with the bubbles of water and the bluff of the birds stunned in some ancient times.

GH Pasha free services

We can offer you our partners services that will help to our guests to visit this nice natural place close to Tuzla.

Our partners will help you in;

  • transport
  • daily tours
  • bike hiring
  • hiking tours

Please ask us so we can help you by contacting us here.

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