Events in TUZLA

Events in TUZLA

Events in TUZLA

Admir Ahmetbasic 0 Comments Monday, December 10, 2018

A lot of our guests ask us where to find events in Tuzla so they can visit. Now, finally we made as an attraction on our web site collected all events that are shared on Facebook. So in case you are looking for some fun, on your way, check out what you like and we know that you will find something for yourself.

All concerts, theatre, exebithions, parties, seminars rock or hip hop music can be found if you click here in case your Browser not recognise live Facebook above this text.


If you need any help in Tuzla but also if you are looking for hotel, hostel or any other kind accomodations in this nice city, let us to make you "Feel like Home".

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