Cheap flights to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cheap flights to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cheap flights to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Admir Ahmetbasic 0 Comments Monday, December 04, 2017

Are you looking for advanture or cheap traveling, Bosnia and Herzegovina is deffenetly one of them. Cheap flights, cheap accommodations, cheap services are just some of them.

Cheap Flights 

One of the biggest low cost Air Companies in Europe that do flights to Bosnia and Herzegovina is Wizz Air. There are over 15 flight destination from;

  • Germany (

All of them flight to International Airport Tuzla.

Wizz Air

If you need a help in transport and accommodation services, please let us know by cliking here and you will get all informations by GH Pasha*** because we do our business on Tuzla area.

As well you also have cheap flights to Sarajevo Airport from;

  • Turkey (Istanbul) by PEGASUS
  • Hungary (Budapest) Wizz Air
  • Germany (Munich, Cologne) Eurowings

and regular flights from;

  1. Croatia (Zagreb)
  2. Serbia (Belgrade)
  3. Qatar (Doha)
  4. Austria (Wiena)
  5. Germany (Munich, Cologne)
  6. Slovenia (Ljubljana)
  7. Kuwait (Kuwait City)
  8. UAE (Dubai)


For other countries, reffer to another Low Cost Flight Company, Ryanair, and how to make cross flights and to get in BiH.

Cheap Accommodation

If you take a look the most visited website for property and hotels,, you will see that you can find very expensive hotels but also a lot of good accommodated Apartments, Hostels, Motels and Bed&Breakfast properties as well. Take a look our offer that we give you as GH Pasha***.


One of the most important things in choosing accommodation is not just it is cheap but also is it secure for you guys. By the law of BiH everyone who offer this kind of service need to SIGN IN you into the Police and a lot of them doesn not do that. So if there is some small problem with loosing your Passport or other ID, you can have bigger problem because you are obligated to do that.

Cheap Services

 If you take a look some of the restaurants in Tuzla as well as other cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you will see that there are a lot of differences of price with other European countries, in your case better if you travel to BiH.

We also can say about tours and other services. We would like also to contact us in case you need transport from Tuzla where you can get all informations about buses, taxi and train transport.

GH Pasha***



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